James Berkowitz is a poet, writer, and multi-dimensional artist. He has published two books “The Angels are Watching” (2003) and “Canteen Trumpets at Noon” (1997). His publishing credits include San Francisco Peace and Hope, Revolutionary Poets Brigade Los Angeles, Men in the Company of Women, Blood & Honey Review, LA Examiner, Pasadena Weekly, Los Angeles Independent Newspaper, The Pacific Grove Press, Creations Magazine, and Vision Magazine amongst several newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and online/literary journals where his work is recognized. James achieved literary artist of the month status in September 2006 online via Raintiger as well as Spring 2008 feature artist online at Poetry Magazine. He is currently at work on his third book, a collection of poems and short stories, multi-media projects, as well as reading and performing live. He loves the magnificence of nature and its many settings as well as the pulse and stimulation of city streets with awareness of the beauty that springs forth from each.

In 2000, James created two poetry festivals on the Monterey Peninsula. The first was in honor of National Poetry Month; the second took place as "Plenitude of Poets," which was also released as an anthology book. He's also appeared and performed his poetry via radio on KZSC "Word Beat" hosted by Jesse Rose Derooy, WXBR "Lois on the Line" with Lois Berman, and "Straight Ahead with Hassan" hosted by Hassan Jamal on

Additional media credits include "Circle of Love", a short film that James wrote, produced, directed, and edited in 1994. He also produced and directed a version of Edward Albee's "The Zoo Story" for Media One Cable in 1997. In summer 2002, James edited the essay "Declaration of Truth" written by Burcu Gezek Harbert, Turkish translator of "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom which was published in "Newsbridge" magazine. James reentered film production again in 2005 as co-producer of "Have A Nice Death" written and directed by Sherrie Robertson which was selected into the Minnesota Summer Solstice Film Festival (2006) and the Big Island of Hawaii Film Festival (2007). In 2008, he appeared as "The Dancer" in a short film "Tonight Only" directed by Jaret Sacrey screened at the Macedonia Film Festival. Further film credits can be seen on imdb

James roots in the Boston music scene are steeped deeply producing two local area based music video programs "30 GO" and "CLUBTV" circa 1986 which can be viewed on his Youtube channel as well as being a DJ for a local music show he created "Bright Lights" for WECB-AM (Emerson College) and assistant on "Metrowave" WERS-FM (1984-1986). He returned to Boston to collaborate with dear friend and Emerson alum Carmelita as executive producer for the WAAF "Baystate Rock" 20TH Anniversary event which took place during December 2006 with a sold out live event at the end of January 2007 featuring a reunion of "The Outlets" and "Moving Targets" for which he was responsible in bringing to fruition.