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Danny's, 23 Windward Ave, Venice

ARTravenous is a celebration of life, art, music, poetry, and comedy.

ART (Located on the upstairs balcony)


John Christensen

Lindsay Carron

Marjan Vayghan

Sandra Zebi


Betsy Salkind


Carol McArthur

Sayed Sabrina


Art Currim Twitter @ArtCurrim

Chaya Silberstein

James Berkowitz

Maryam Mottahedeh Search: "Heartfelt Journey"

Sean Hill


Elevate In-Home Massage

Gibbons Media

Sea of Silver

The Film Detective

LIVE PERFORMANCE SET TIMES (Located on the First Floor Stage) 7:30-8:00 Carol McArthur 8:00-8:10 Art Currim 8:10-8:20 Maryam Mottahedeh 8:20-8:30 Sean Hill 8:30-8:40 Break / Announcements 8:40-8:50 Chaya Silberstein 8:50-9:00 James Berkowitz 9:00-9:15 Betsy Salkind 9:15-10:00 Sayed Sabrina 10:00-10:15 Awesome Giveaway Time

*LIVE STREAMING (I'm experimenting with an app Live Air Solo via my iphone to stream the event via my You Tube channel under my name and link berky1). I will update prior to the event.

HASHTAGS Please use the following hashtags with posts #vac16 #venice #artravenous #art #poetry #music #comedy #veniceartcrawl

We are grateful for your presence and support. Thank you very much for being part of the event.